Bee Sleeping

The Queen Bee - Full Details

4 cm | 45kg/m3 Visco foam

High density viscoelastic foam for a greater level of comfort.

4 cm | 55kg/m3 Special Visco foam with HR behaviour

Transition foam layer with a modified behaviour facing heat allowing a perfect combination between comfort and the support of your body.

3 cm | 50kg/m3 Natural Latex foam

A reversable natural latex foam for a cooler and more bouncing sensation without loosing the comfort sensation.

18 cm | 30kg/m3 Support Polyurethane foam

Base foam with a high support capacity and body support, with high air permeability.

Product highlights

• Possibility of changing the internal foam layers, alterning from the best comfort from a viscoelastic foam and the freshness of the latex

• The perfect combination between support to your body and comfort sensation

• Independent stability, creating a responsive and adaptive solution to support your body

• High density foams, with highly developed technologies, offering the necessary stability to your body and preventing back injuries

• Open cell foams, responsible for a breathable mattress, promoting its freshness and its cosiness

• Cover with anti-bacterial & anti-allergenic treatment

• Total freshness cover treatment to enhance the freshness of the mattress

• Total full open zipper, to give you the possibility to wash the cover, at your home, without losing its properties


Main Features

High Technology 
Raw Materials
Balance between Comfort
and Active Support
Ideal Densities
Soft Touch
Air Permeability
OEKO-TEX Certification
Ative Support


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