Bee Sleeping

Refunds and Replacement

Please note, we do not refund or replace a product, that you bought in another place, than our official online store. Order number and billing information must also be provided.

Section 1 – REFUNDS AND REPLACEMENT :: When will I be refunded for the returned product?

After a technical evaluation of the returned product, the refund will be made within a maximum of 15 days.

Section 2 – REFUNDS AND REPLACEMENT :: How will I be refunded?

If you are returning a product for a reason other than quality defect or exchange, once we confirm everything is in order with your return, we will issue a discount voucher, including, a code that will be sent to your email to discount the refund amount on the next order.

When we are not able to process the exchange of a product due to stock shortages, we will refund its entire value.

Section 3 – REFUNDS AND REPLACEMENT :: When will I receive the product replacement?

Please check our shipping section.

Please note:

Customers are fully responsible for the product until the time it reaches us. BeeSleeping does not share responsibility if there is a problem with the returns before they reach us.

All communication between customers and BeeSleeping should be done through direct email contact with our customer support at