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Looking for a mattress? Here's what you should know before this (difficult) purchase

Looking for a mattress? Here's what you should know before this (difficult) purchase

Anxiety and stress are the main problems for an underhanded night, but to ensure a good night's sleep, it is undeniable the need for a good environment that should be quiet, free of noise and of course, have a good mattress.

Between comfort and affordable price, it is common that you feel lost in choosing the right one for you, a doubt that adds to the ever increasing offer that generates such competition between brands - physical or online - that leaves the with even more uncertainties. To avoid this, there are some simple things to take into account, starting with the materials used.

Technology is advancing a lot in this direction and offers several options with different textures in which the objective of combining several layers in a homogeneous way is common. As Terry Cralle, a nurse and co-founder of a sleep clinic, explains, older people have thinner skin, so it is advisable to look for a mattress with a softer outer layer.

As for the foam, more and more common inside the mattress, look for one with a certified seal, since this material must be properly tested. Also, opt for one with a density of not less than 30 kg / m3 because, over time, this may mean loss of comfort.

Density is responsible for the durability of the mattress, so it pays to invest a little more and make sure the type of foam you are purchasing. Still on the inside of the mattress, evaluate the 'cellular structure' of the mattress, which should be opened. To do this, you just need to test the mattress with your hand, pushing it down and paying attention to the time it takes to get back to the initial shape. It is expected to take three to five seconds. If it takes more than ten, the frame is very closed and the mattress will be less comfortable.

Especially in the case of buying online, where some parameters are impossible to analyze, be sure to read the comments of other users of that or another selling site about the product that interests you.

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