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The technology behind our foams

The technology behind our foams

It may look like just a mattress or a pillow but there is much more than what you see.. There is extensive research and development work behind the technologies behind our foams.

The foams we use in the development of our mattresses are patented foams developed through polyols from the USA. We use a combination of the best foam technologies available on the market to ensure an excellent level of comfort with the stability and durability required.

The correct combination of foams and the exact percentage of height, density and hardness of foams is essential for a correct and balanced level of sustainability and comfort, for a greater level of sleeping quality.

The Original Bee Sleeping mattress has a height of 27cm, which is divided as follows:

- 4 cm Viscoelastic Foam (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100);

High performance viscoelastic foam for superior comfort.

- 4 cm Visco Foam | HR

Foam specially developed as a transition layer, modified behavior against the heat, allowing a level of exclusive and individual comfort. This foam of special behavior, makes it become a high resilience foam, when subjected to heat, allowing the ideal support of the body.

- 18cm Foam Support (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100)

High quality foam and air permeability. This type of open cell foam allows the body to support, allowing a drain of human heat, making the mattress fresher and less susceptible to perspiration at night.

- 1 cm high quality cover with a fine texture and a high density fabric. This high quality fabric has an anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial treatment, for greater hygiene.

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